Soriba Simbo Camara




“I have been challenged in Simbo's class, but have never felt unwelcome, even when I didn't know the steps. The drumming is so infectious that I don't even realize that I'm sweating!”

Tossy G.










“Simbo's dance classes are fantastic!! It is exercise that I look forward to, the live drumming is amazing.”
Katharine M.

Soriba Simbo Camara's
Community Classes

All levels welcome and encouraged! FUN! Walk-ins Welcome!!

African Dance Class

Saturdays Middlebury Fitness

Drum Class 9:30 - 10:30 am $12/class or 6 class card for $60
Dance Class 10:30-11:30am $15/class or 6 class card for $72

If you need to rent a drum we can bring one for you for $5/class, just let us know.

Middlebury Fitness 175 Wilson Road, off Rt. 7 South, just South of the Marriott, behind G. Stone Motors! Dance classes starting soon in Warren, stay tuned!


Join Simbo for a high energy African dance class that's so much fun you'll forget you're working out! Come smile while you sweat and explore another culture from an artistic angle. You'll be amazed at how quickly your stress from the day melts away as you get absorbed into learning the traditional dances and rhythms from West Africa. Prior to moving to the US Simbo performed with the two national comapanies in Guinea, Ballets Africains de Guinee and Ballet Djoliba. His breadth of knowledge and wealth of experience allows Simbo to create consistently creative and challenging classes. In Simbo's classes you are continually encouraged by his enthusiasm and the exhilerating music. All levels are welcome and encouraged! Wear loose, comfortable clothing that can move with you and come prepared to dance barefoot. Be sure to bring your water bottles! Come join him for a class, be challenged, have fun and DANCE!

Simbo teaches African dance and drum classes. He offers residencies, workshops, and community classes in the traditional dances and rhythms from Guinea, West Africa. Classes are for any age, race and ability and feature live drumming. If you’re interested in setting up a class or residency in your area please contact us!

Teaching Experience
Simbo began teaching dance to visitors to Guinea in 2003. He has worked with students from around the world including Argentina, Canada, Spain, Sweden, and the USA.

From 1999-2006 Simbo was also the director and choreographer of Ballet Sourakhata de Guinee. Sourakhata has fifty dancers and drummers. In 2004 Sourakhata earned first place for dance in their first competition. The competition was sponsored by Les Hommes de Theatre de Guinee, their director Fanyi Toure presented the award. In 2005 Sourakhata participated in the first competition of ballets from throughout Guinea sponsored by the Alliance Guineenne pour le Developpement de la Danse et de la Percussion. Sourakhata placed second with thirty-six ballets competing! Through his work with Sourakhata, Simbo has trained many of the brightest young stars in Guninean dance today. As of 2006 Simbo has nine students dancing and drumming in Les Ballets Africains de Guinee and many others teaching throughout Europe.


Though he predominantly resides in the United States, he is continuing to train dancers in Guinea in his own troupe Ballet Simbo de Matam. This young company has 14 artists aged 3-11 years. Simbo’s students from Sourakhata are teaching these young dancers and drummers in his absence with direction from abroad.

Simbo is the founder, director and choreographer of a West African Dance and Drum company called Africa Djolie based in the USA. The company consists of artists from Guinea, Senegal and the United States.


Past workshops and residencies:

Colchester After School Program, VT
Fort Wayne Public Schools, IN
Hinesburg Community School, VT
Howard Center, Burlington, VT
Michigan Public Libraries