Ballet Soleil d’Afrique, Dancer


Ballet Commune de Matam, Dancer


Ballet Farreta de Guinee, Soloist


National Ballet Djoliba, Soloist


National Les Ballets Africains de Guinee, Principal Dancer


Ballet Sourakhata de Guinee, Director and Choreographer


Ballet Simbo de Matam, Founder and Director


Africa Djolie, Founder and Director




Soriba Simbo Camara began his dance training at the age of 5 in Conakry, Guinea, West Africa. As a young boy he observed various ballet rehearsals and upon returning home would practice what he saw. Even as a small child it was evident to his entire neighborhood that Simbo had a special talent for dancing. He was widely respected and appreciated for his intelligence, technique and style. This gave him the courage to pursue dance.

In 1986 Simbo earned a Diploma in Dance from the Movement de Jeune de Dixin. In 2005 Simbo earned another Diploma from the Alliance Guineenne pour le Developpement de la Danse et de la Percussion (A.G.D.P.) for his studies with Sekouba Camara, a former soloist with National Ballet Djoliba and current director of Ballet Commune de Matam. Simbo studied choreography, the meanings, the history and the stories of the various dances from Guinea.



Simbo was born in Conakry, Guinea. He now divides his time between Guinea and the United States with his wife and children.